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Judas Maccabaeus

Judas Maccabaeus

Lives in Wenatchee, Washington United States · Born on December 15, 1969
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December 15, 1969
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September 30, 2012
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September 4, 2012
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Anti-Semites Beware! There is a new Sheriff in Town and he is from the East...

Rather than chatter away about my religious background or personal life, I'd like to take this opportunity to show others what my intellectual pursuits have uncovered in the past 10-15 years through some fairly intense research and study. I will say that unlike most white Americans, I come from a Slavic, Eastern European background, the country of [the] Ukraine to be precise. Shortly after the end of World War I, my grandparents fled [the] Ukraine due to the fanatical animosity the Communist revolutionaries had towards Christianity. My family fled the USSR, not because they were rich or staunch supporters of Capitalism, but because they were deeply Christian- Ukrainian Catholic to be specific. Anyway, this ties in to my current research specialization about all things Jewish. No, I am not personally Jewish, but instead 100% pure Gentile who has absolutely no problems or hang-up about the Jews, Judaism, or even the Jewish nation of Israel. You see, before the rise of the German anti-Christ, Adolph Hitler, in the 1930s, my Ukrainian homeland had also been home to millions of poor, simple, pious Jews who spoke Yiddish, not German, and not Ukrainian. Although there had been some fairly bloody disputes between my people, the Ukrainian Gentiles, and their people, the Ukrainian Jews, both sides managed to live and prosper side by side, village to village, for many centuries.

Before the Holocaust, there were more Jews in the Ukraine than in any other nation in the world. Therefore, my tendencies to feel down home and completely comfortable around any and all so-called Jewish peculiarities comes as a completely natural consequence of being the grandson and great-grandson of Ukrainian Gentiles. The fact is my direct ancestors lived right next door to the ancestors of countless Jewish Americans for nearly 1,000 years and the brutal facts of history are undisputable. My people were, and still are, total bullies to their people and this legacy has left a scar upon my Christian soul which I hope to heal by educating my fellow Christians in this country about the truth of Jewish history.

So listen close, my American Gentile Christian brothers! Despite all the rumors and lies of the past, the Jews were never evil (or demonic), they were never devious, (nor conspiratorial), they were nothing more than an unarmed, vulnerable minority living amongst a sea of hostile European Gentiles who despised them. Not surprisingly, this culminated in a final Satanic vortex of pure hatred for the 'other'- the Jude (in German), namely the Jew. In my heart of hearts, I now feel it is my job to insist to everyone that the 'other' is your Christian brother and yes this includes all Jews.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Any friendly Jew or Gentile who has a common sense respect, and perhaps even admiration, or like myself, sheer awe and love for the miraculous existence of the Judeo/Christian Tradition.
A Stranger Among Us
Judaism, Christianity, the Holy Bible and the Judeo/Christian Apocrypha
Judas Maccabaeus, by Handel
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